• I lived in Asmara, Ethiopia in 1968 to 1970 while my husband served with the US Army Security Agency at Kagnew Station. I loved your web site. It brought back great memories. Thank you. We also made trips down the mountain to Karan and saw some of the ruins you talked about. The drought started and they turned the water on one hour a week! I was a young bride of 19 years old in 1968. Thank you so much.

    • Reva Madison

      That was my second tour in Asmara, My bride was also just 18 when we married and turned 19 right after we got there. SURPRISE SURPRISE ! We just had our 50th anniversary this past year.

  • Abraham

    This is unbelievable Sally – How great to hear about your story in Eritrea. You should go back and visit all this places again. thanks for sharing this.


    • Christine Nagata

      Hi Jack, I just ran across this website, my father was on base from 1971-1974 his name was Harry Nagata, did you by any chance know him? If so, please send me an email to Christine.nagata@rsli.com.

  • Tewelde

    Please EPLF was not in existence nor created on sixties there was only The Eritrean Liberation Front (ELF) until may 1970. Please put the Eritrean history straight as it happened factually.
    Twelde solomon

  • revamadison

    I was in operations company, as a brand new soldier in July 60 thru July 62. Yes, got caught in the extension of 6 months, because of the Berlin Crises. MOS 058 op. Single,and lived in the barracks next to the bowling alley, and they were building a new company barracks just behind us. I also worked as Assistant Scoutmaster with BSA troop 1, at the time. Spent a week down at the Massawa beach with the troop. Man was that hot. Am looking for anyone who remembers that UFO which appeared one night, about midnight out in the Operations Co. antenna field. There were several MPs involved in that. I was on courier duty and had just come back from base with chow, and saw the huge bright light bouncing around. Reported it to the OIC, who called in the MPs, and also issued me clips of rounds for the 45. I, in my 3/4 ton truck, and the MPs in their Jeeps, chased it around until it suddenly shot straight up, and disappeared into the sky. Anyone here remember hearing about that? We didnt make it public, but Ill bet the story got around anyway.
    D Douglas

    • Jay Jervey

      Wow. Yes, my dad was a Lt. Colonel in Army Signal Corp stationed as liason to Army Intelligence in Heidelberg, Germany, from 1963 to 1965. He told us about the UFO sighting at the Asmara station in the antennea fields. He had talked to people who were there. I have retold the story many times over the years but always thought it was buried forever in the Army’s X-Files.

      • Reva Madison

        I think it was. I was the first to see it, and reported it to the NCOIC at ops company, and he called the MPs. You are the first confirmation that I wasnt nuts. hehe I do know a message (Immediate) went out and President found out about it. No one ever interviewed me at all.

  • revamadison

    What a nice production. Congratulations on it, and on your quick release from ELF hands. My second tour in Asmara, was as a civilian, 1968 thru 1971, attached to the base, at the small communications detachment at M.E.S.A. I was married, and lived out on the airport road, near the airport. Those were indeed though times, with the drought sitting in for good. It rained the first fall, but never rained again, while we were there. My daughter Shana was born at Kagnew hospital, and again I was Scoutmaster on base. This time, we took the boys to Kheren to the R&R center for summer camp, as Massawa was figured to be too dangerous. Trips down the hill had to be taken in convoy of at least 6 vehicles, and we HAD to have someone in each vehicle who was armed. So, we didnt go down that way often. The new club, had been built, a mile or so away from the old rest center, and was simply not as interesting as the old Italian officers club, with its nice outside salt pool (of which I had an encounter– almost– with a shark someone put in there one night). The water was turned on at home, 1 hour a week, and was used only for flushing and washing clothes. Drinking water was brought, in 5 gallon cans from the base supply, and was so heavy with chemicals that it stunk. You certainly couldnt make KoolAid out of it – since the color bleached out. Most glad to leave, and when we got to Athens, on the way home, our drink of choice was gallons of water. I wouldnt give the trips up, but would never do them again.

    • Very nice memories from your time in Eritrea. We want to keep history alive for all future generations. Would you be willing to write a contribution (maybe together with others from you assignment in Eritrea) to keep it alive for all times. Please contact us at questions@capitaleritrea.com – We would be honored.

      capitaleritrea news team,

    • Mike Austing

      Liked your story! I was there from Nov ’69 to Apr ’70-couldn’t finish my 3 year tour due to “actions” of my first wife; found out 10 years later those actions almost cost me my TS clearance and that she and I had both been under investigation by CID and Haile’s security forces due to her support of the wrong people-had no idea while it was going on! We lived at #32 Ghebremariam Street out the back gate of Kagnew.

  • AbaBrukh

    I appreciate your posting my video of the Encounter at Quhaito. However, as others also observed, the encounter was with the ELF, not the EPLF, as your header suggests. Also, the attribution “By Editorial Team, capitaleritrea news” tends to imply that the video was produced by you. I am glad to share my video freely with deqi eritra, but would appreciate some small recognition for the work. Thank you.

    • Dear AbaBrukh:

      thanks for the great video – excellent job we really are grateful for it. We did not want to take credit for the video, we just re-distributed a youtube video. If we could have had the chance to get in touch with you, believe me we would have done so. We will take your concerns on board.

      We would like to get in touch with you – could you please send us your e-mail to questions@capitaleritrea.com?
      Thanks – your capitaleritrea news team.

  • Elliot Sachs

    Served with Military Police (Guard Co) from June ’67 thru August ’68. From Athens we had to fly down middle of Africa back up and land in Addis Ababa due to the six day war between the Israelis and Arabs. Blew a tire landing in the capitol. My tour cut short due to catching something there. Spent time in Germany at 97th General Hospital in Frankfurt and medivac’d back to Valley Forge in PA. Great experience in Africa and two life long friends both MPs. Wouldn’t change any of it.

  • richard


  • Kalihari Snake

    Jessie Dobbins was an American from Kansas City who worked in Kagnew, married a local Italian lady (Lena), and had never left Asmara, staying there for decades until his death (2001?). He had in his your taught diving in Massawa and at one time, had a bakery in Ghinda.

    • Patriot

      Time will come for Eritrea…Sun will soon shine..