Sudan to mediate between Eritrea and Ethiopia

Eritrea, Ethiopia, Sudan, Map
Map: Eritrea, Ethiopia, Sudan

Sudan has offered to mediate in the conflict between Ethiopia and Eritrea, according to Sudanese media reports published on Friday in Khartoum.

Khartoum has made ​​this commitment on Thursday during a three-day official visit of Sudanese President Omar Al- Bashir at the invitation of Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki in the Eritrean capital Asmara.

Sudan’s ambassador to Asmara, Abdul Rahamn Sir Alkahtim quoted by the Sudanese press announced that President Bashir began indirect talks between the Eritrean head of state Issias Afwerki and Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn.

The ambassador added, that the Sudanese president also suggested that both Eritrea’s and Ethiopia’s leader meet at a summit to be hosted by Khartoum at a later date.

“The Sudanese president has begun efforts to standardization historically strained relations between Ethiopia and Eritrea.”, the diplomat said.

Alkahtim, stressed that Sudan intends to do the necessary to bring both sides to the negotiating table so they can quickly find a compromise after years of hostilities and armed conflicts. 

He also said that Sudan wants to use its friendly relations with the two countries to promote regional peace and security in a context of growing terrorist threats and other forms of instability. 

Eritrea became an independent state in 1991 after a bloody war of independence with Ethiopia.

By Editorial Team
  • Dawit

    Stupidity caused all this suffering!!!!! Peace is needed in Eritrea and Ethiopia.

    Amlak yehabena.

  • kahsay.mekonen

    Will you please tell us the source clearly? Instead saying that according to Sudan’s media.


    It has been 64 years of endless wars, destruction & turmoil, since the 1950 UN resolution 390, federating Eritrea with Ethiopia against the Eritrean people’s will, deperiving the Eritrean peoples’s aspiration for independence, peaceful co-existence & economic resurrection.
    It’s long over due for Ethiopia to realize, 50 years war against Eritreans has only dragged Ethiopia in to endless famines & economic drain, for precious resources wasted in endless wars.
    Therefore, in order for peace, harmony, mutual interests & benefits to prevail, it’s about time Ethiopia. OBIDE by the very International rules, laws, agreements & decisions Ethiopia signed to honor.

  • Faysal

    Why Sudan? Just why??
    Ethiopia is much better off without Eritrea right now, and we want to keep it that way as long as possible.
    Many Ethiopians believe that the independence of Eritrea has proven to be a great blessing in disguise for Ethiopia after all. We are developing and we are the most stable and most respected nation in the region.
    I wish Eritreans all the best, but right now, “good fences make good neighbors”. Just stay away.

    • Stay away

      “Good fence makes good neighbors.” I love your comment. I wish them best. I also hope we will have nothing to do with them. We spent so mu have energy and resource to be with them. They are like a a wife who sleeps with too many guys. What a riddance, we should never even do it in our dreams.

      • Armana

        while the big picture out there is, its not Eritrea that wants Ethiopia…its Ethiopia who is in Eritrean’s territories….you want your Ethiopia to keep their aid funded development going then tell your dreamy government who is having a hard time to wake up from the dream to leave Eritrea’s territories …simple as that!

      • Peace Lover

        Think of future generations buddy. There’s no good fence or whatsoever at present. You guys probably have no idea about the fact that Ethiopia has unilaterally violated the border ruling for a decade now. Peace is what works best for the people of both countries, but Woyane has proved to be the hindrance so far. So they need to step out of the Eritrean Territory without any precondition. If not, none of these countries could logically live in peace, and the lawless Woyane will pay the price. But Faysal, Kebede and Stay Away, you’re the ones who need to stay away from this website for your ignorance and offensive behavior. You’d better learn

    • Truth

      Then why don’t you let the fences go up by vacating Eritrean sovereign land. It seems Ethiopia is prolonging the issue that should have been resolved long time ago. Peace is key to development and the region could definitely use it.

    • wedinakfa

      for how long are you going to bury your head in the sand!!! faysal shinfila ena ethiopia tatbew ayterum!!!

  • Kebede

    I truly believe we Ethiopians should make any concession. Eritrean issue should be at the bottom of the list. Our energy should focus on what is more important (economic development and poverty reduction). Currently we in the right track. let us wait until Isaias Afewerki is gone, probably a dozen or more years (which is relevant to us Ethiopians).

    • kahsay.mekonen
      • Kebede

        And you think peace with Eritrea will help? We Ethiopians strives to make our people life easier. yes we know we are still poor and have a long way before we are in a better shape but never the less we have improved the life for millions of Ethiopians in recent years. All the development was obtained without Eritrea’s involvement in any aspect of our economy. If anything the recent war with Eritrea united Ethiopians. This argument is not whether Ethiopia is poor or not but, weather Ethiopia and Eritrea are better off with no war no peace status-quo. I am not Eritrean therefore, I cannot speak for Eritrea. But as an Ethiopian my opinion is, talking peace with Eritrea is just a waste of variable time and resources.

        • Faysal

          That is exactly my point. For all I care, the Eritreans can be awarded the barren piece of land Badme. But we should not have any kind of relationship with them at least for the coming 20 years.
          It is a sad fact that all Ethiopia gets from Eritrea are refugees and terrorists. Why on earth would we want to talk to them.

        • Truth

          Could you imagine what Eritrea and Ethiopia could have accomplished if they worked together? Contrary to what you may believe peace is instrumental to development and growht and both nations could have benefited far more than we’re seeing now. Why do you think you don’t see issues between European, Asian, etc nations? They understand what peace does and what war brings. Wake up Africa.

          • Kebede

            Easier said than done
            one side have to make the concession. Whoever does will pay the consequence for it. Unfortunately the discussion has become an exchange of insults, we can’t even discuss in a civilized manner how do you expect to live in peace. just live ethiopian and eritrean issue as it it for a couple of generations more. Let us Ethiopians concentrated in more important issues such as building infrastructure.

  • truth12

    What mediation? What negotiation? This is a clear cut issue. The rule of law must be implemented before any talks.

    Until then, there is nothing to discuss with our southern neighbor.

  • Hassen

    People like Kebede say Ethiopea is developing, Just simple question to any one who knows Ethiopea,
    1, When was Ethiopea stand by it self for one single night with out the west hand out.

    2, how much debt this country owe IMF

    3, Which country In Africa is right now the biggest aid receiver and why kkkkk so ppl like kebede when will it be time for you to say Ethiopea is better of with out foreign aid.

    Mighty Eritrea stand by it self without any foreign hand out against all odds. No west envolvement in its internal political life and never receive message from Washington or London to tell the leaders do this and that other wise aid will be stopped. Eritrea should start negotiate with the real leaders of Ethiopea that is the Americans who are running Ethipea through a proxy TPLFs junta. So President Issais Afeworki should sit with Americans to discuss the mater not with Hailemariam Desalegn,

    • Bulcha

      I see it is because Eritrea is standing by itself that thousands are seeking political refugees in Ethiopia and other countries. Your national team is known for defecting during tournaments.

      Yes, we are one of the biggest receivers of foreign support. As long as we are using it for the right purpose, there is no shame to it.

      Even Europe and South Korea received billions of dollars after WWII.

      Wait 15-20 years, you won’t repeat a single word of what you are saying now.

      God Bless Ethiopia!

      • kahsay.mekonen
        • Geresgiher

          Guys why all this hate grow up and make peace. If this turns out to be true, its great news – we are brothers and sisters.

        • Legesse

          LOL….we will see. I will see u in 20 years. You will be receiving foreign aid from Ethiopia.

          God Bless Ethiopia!

      • Truth

        Sorry to break it to you but in 20 years Ethiopia is expected to have 270 million people. With such a rapid expansion of population, you will still be a relatively poor nation. Until you take ownership of your development, expect hegemonic powers to continue to knock on your door to exploit your people. They’re looking at the lucrative middle class that will blossom in Ethiopia. Rapid inequality and unemployment will blossom.

        • Legesse

          For your information, that prediction is for 2050. Which is 36 years from now.

          With proper policies, such catasrophies can be averted.

          God Bless Ethiopia!

      • wedinakfa


        You probably heard that Ethiopia has been a fast growing economy in the content recording very high growth rate not just in Africa but the world as well. Yet the new measurement known as the Multidimensional Poverty Index, or MPI, that will replace the Human Poverty index in the United Nations’ annual Human Development Report says that Ethiopia has the second highest percentage of people who are MPI poor in the world, with only the west African nation of Niger fairing worse. This comes as more international analysts have also began to question the accuracy of the Meles government’s double digit economic growth claims and similar disputed government statistics referred by institutions like the IMF.
        4.Burkina Faso

        • Legesse

          Just wait and see my friends. There are two outlooks for everything: pessimistic and optimistic.

          I am on the optimistic wagon. You guys look like on the pessimistic wagon. You look like you are among the people who say that the third world war will start after 5 years.

          God Bless Ethiopia! And, We will see each other after 20 years.

  • Kebede

    I am missing the point or is the discussion about whether Ethiopia and Eritrea should start talking peace? Why is it of your concerns how Ethiopia finances its economy? Leave that for us Ethiopians.

    Now going back to the subject, user named ‘truth12′ makes a more reasonable argument and makes his point rationally. I agree with him on one point, We Ethiopians and Eritreans have nothing to discuss with each other. If anything the borders should be more protected and militarized on the Ethiopian side. Our government should not hesitate from sending warplanes to bumbored training camp of terrorist groups in Eritrea. I also believe Ethiopia should stop supporting Eritrean opposition groups because any Eritrean position based in Ethiopia have no credibility with Eritreans. As far as Eritrean refugees who arrive in Ethiopia, they should be treated as humanly as possible. Let them go to local schools and universities, let them apply for a job and start business if they wish.

  • Stay away

    Italians have abused Eritrea n’s like subhumans. They have turned them into self hating people. There is nothing you could do to get a humanely response from them. Compare apple and oranges. The best solution for both people is to stay away from each other at least for 2 generations because there is still an open wound. A Nigeria or a Gambia is way better and brotherly; therefore, itis like going to your ex wife’s home who is married to have a lunch.

  • Weigin Hater

    There should be no negotiation with the lords of poverty. Weyane’s rascal leaders should be hanged for crimes they had committed against millions of East Africans.
    Why would President Issayas talk to chigaram weyane? Weyane, as we know it, is dead. Even Ginbot-7 has refused to talk to it. It is just time for Demhit to make the final kill and wipe weyane out.

    • Faysal

      Your young men and women are coming to Ethiopia by the hundreds every month. We will give you Ginbot 7, 8, 9 and 10 in exchange.
      Ethiopians are just pleading with you: stay away from Ethiopia. You have a country you have fought for, Singin’ poor – sorry-, “Singapore of the horn”. Why in Goodness’s name do you keep coming to us?

  • Adulis

    To you Ethiopians who are here and spew your hatred and suggest that they do not want anything to do with Eritrea. Why don’t you start with yourself? WHAT DO YOU DO ON A ERITREAN WEBSITE? We do not need your stupid comments. Go and dream on the shores of your lake Tana and fantasize that you are by the Red Sea kkkkkk

    • Sleshi

      Dear Adulis please don’t think as your dictators do, we are living in netted glob.

  • selamyukun

    I am Eritrean and i agree it should be no negotiation withe mafia clique in Asmara,the first reason is they do not represent the Eritrean people,second they do not like to have Peace in the region because it is the matter of survival to them so will never be a peace in the region as far as pfdj is in power so why Ethiopia west its time and money with war monger issayas,they should Waite until the criminal mafia collapse on it’s own wight they have nothing to gain but the mafia he needs a life line that’s why he is begging for it.

    • kahsay.mekonen

      You are not an Eritrean citizen you are typical weyane serving the west. Kedemti bezeika mekedam entay medeb alokum.

      You can not comment on behalf of the Eritrean people. Mestom kedemti kedem

      Eritrea will prevail!!!

      • Sleshi

        If some one who tells you the truth is ”WEYANE” You never dare to tell the truth ever.

  • shetu

    Ethiopia was much better their currency and economy while they had a peace with Eritrea . think about it 90s birr it use to be like $1 dollar 3 birr but at this current time its almost $1 dollar is 20 birr? is this what the development u guys have? how many beggers in addis?ny ways its the same thing in Eritrea what I am trying to say is peace is the only solution for both of the country. if Ethiopia is not hanger with Eritrea why they cant leave from the soverignity free Eritrean territory ? leave Eritrea alone then u can have peace or stay land locked there

  • Faysal

    You are right, this is an Eritrean site – just a virtual one. But in my home town Addis Abeba you see hundreds of thousands Eritreans, and more are coming. That is what bugs me most; that you are still breaking your necks to flee your wonderful country and enter Ethiopia by all means while telling us at the same time that we are backward.
    That is why we tell you to STAY AWAY! PLEASE! We will give you Badme, but only if you promise to stay home and develope your nation.



  • samguru

    Markos GALA! you seem like they broke your heart not the dish.

  • kahsay.mekonen YERDAEKUM!!!!

    It is not a surprise to see this lementi woyane, THEY DON’T SHARE THEIRES OWN FOOD BEGGING WHOLE LIFE EVEN in the Eritrean website Please, YERADEKUM!!!!!!

  • Yonas

    As an Ethiopian, am tired of these worthless scumbags & leaches Tigryian Speakers Orthodox christian – Do they call them Hamasien?
    Free Afar,
    Free Kunama.

  • kahsay.mekonen YERDAEKUM!!!!

    You better continue your migration from Ethiopia!!!!!!

  • eri

    what `s the mater ethiopians dengay ras?i think going they crazy ,may you feel better
    thank god im proud eritrean

  • dna

    I lov er

  • Nahom

    Peace is not working for a single person its works for both countries ,
    sure yes we all need peace