Sophia Tesfamariam ESAT Interview on Eritrea, the Horn of Africa and Region.

ESAT is the first independent Ethiopian Satellite Television service and Radio Station who broadcast to Ethiopia and the rest of the world.

By Editorial Team
  • Tesfa Adhanom

    Sophia, what a distorted view you lecture about Eritrea and Isayas is beyond comprehension. If going to SAWA, the military training, is getting closer to people that is enslaving the young. Please Sophie my dear, stay out of politics and stick to your community organisation. People are fed up with Isaias and are starting to openly oppose; Have you seen the harassment Yemane monkey got in the UK. That will be the fate of Isaias in few years; I hope you and him come back to your senses and change your ways otherwise the Arab spring is coming to Eritrea. That is why Isayas never wanted to broad cast any of it on Eritean media. That is called paranoia. You talk about media freedom…oh!! You are unbelievable. Ethiopian affair is not my business, but I am up for all good for the Ethiopian people. I wish them the best and with or without Meles I think they have shown some success. But Eritrea is a disaster case in Africa and Sophie your contribution has a big part in it. Well done Esat…for asking her the right questions. I hope you do that with the other Eritrean officials. Eritrean government has an amateur advocate to defend it’s atrocious leadership.

    If Meles has foreign dignitaries as his Friends…that brings food to the people for Ethiopia. Isayas should be going out to meet leaders who can make a difference and bring jobs and food to the table of Eritreans. He has no friends of significance, Ghadafi was one friend and he was a head case.