Price winning cartoon "Ebola" by André Carrilho. Price winning cartoon "Ebola" by André Carrilho.

Portuguese cartoonist wins World Press Cartoon 2015

Portuguese cartoonist André Carrilho was awarded annual Grand Prix World Press Cartoon 2015.

His prize winning cartoon, titled “Ebola”, was first published in Lisbon’s daily newspaper Diário de Notícias during the Ebola crisis in Africa.

The cartoon was selected by a jury for its powerful message and effect on viewers, journalists and the media.

The cartoon not only it exposes the issue of a devastating disease but, above all, it denounces the double standards of the European and American press when addressing the origin of the victims.


“People in the African continent are regarded more as an abstract statistic, compared to a patient in the USA or Europe.”, Carrilho told American on-line newspaper MIC.

“How many individual stories about African victims of Ebola do we know? Not a single one. They are treated as an indistinguishable crowd”.

The cartoon was published by many newspapers all over the world and went viral on social networks.

Carrilho’s work reminds journalists, newspapers and readers of the weaknesses of a so-called balanced, non-biased and ethical media.

By Editorial Team

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