Meeting of Eritrean Ministerial Cabinet Continues

Ministerial Cabinet
Ministerial Cabinet

It is to be recalled that in its deliberations yesterday, the Ministerial Cabinet conducted in-depth discussion on the working paper presented by President Isaias Afwerki focusing on strengthening organizational capacity and reinforcing the national development drive.

In its today’s session, the meeting held deliberations on the work plan mapped out sector by sector with a view to facilitating the realization of the national action program for 2010 and providing impetus to all-round progress.

Taking note of the activities of the Ministry of National Development within this context, it discussed the envisaged a 5-year development plan, as well as national studies undertaken as regards building institutional capacity, expansion of production establishments, human resource development, population growth rate policy, and statistical and demographic information system, among others. The Ministerial Cabinet assessed that the statistics presented on different occasions by UN organizations or other international agencies not only lacks accuracy but also contains distorted information, and as such it cannot serve as a reliable reference. In this respect, the Cabinet of Ministers reached understanding on the need to strengthen the task of gathering up-to-date and accurate information data on the basis of internal resource.

On the provision of social service, especially education, the meeting conducted discussion on the national program aimed at improving educational services both in terms of quality and quantity, and thereby enable students achieve excellence in their academic, vocational and technical pursuits. It reviewed the commendable progress made in creating conducive ground for ensuring educational opportunities for all children nationwide. Stressing the need to ensure favorable atmosphere for education, making available laboratory facilities, information technology and textbooks, as well as strengthening the competence of teachers, the Ministerial Cabinet decided to allocate enough budget towards promoting qualitative and encouraging educational opportunities. It also emphasized the need to exert increased efforts for strengthening the all-round competence and contribution of teachers.

As regards endeavors to ensure social security, especially that of supporting the families of fallen heroes, disabled persons and other needy citizens, the meeting took note of the programs implemented at substantial Government expenditure in alleviating social problems. In this connection, the Ministerial Cabinet reached understanding on the need to formulate national strategy that would lead to enabling needy citizens eventually become self-supporting through creating income-generating ventures. It further conducted discussion on future action plans regarding labor-related matters, pension scheme and guidelines thereof.

The meeting went on to assess the progress made in the expansion of institutions of the administration of justice so as to provide efficient service to the public through the regular courts and community magistrates. It also held deliberations on work programs designed to strengthen community magistrates, streamlining civil and criminal laws, as well as that of the Office of the Attorney General, upgrading human resource capacity and the like.

In its deliberations regarding media activities, the Cabinet of Ministers took note of the envisaged plans for the coming year focusing on developing infrastructural and technical competence of media outlets, strengthening social network through effectively utilizing technological advancement and expanding the task of documentation, research and study undertakings. The meeting reached understanding on reinforcing the work programs mapped out to highlight Eritrea’s conceptualization about various issues, organize international conferences and symposiums, expand the dissemination of correct and up-to-date information to the people of the region, and thereby direct the trend of regional politics and make due contribution in promoting peace and stability in the region.

At the closing session, President Isaias Afwerki gave work directives to each ministry to make the necessary adjustment in internal structure, plans and mode of operation, and thus present proposals to this end in the next meeting of the Ministerial Cabinet.

The meeting concluded today, and it would continue in the coming weeks. Source: (Shabait)

By Editorial Team

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