Fishing in the Red Sea, Eritrea. Image/Credit: Matej Hudovernik Fishing in the Red Sea, Eritrea. Image/Credit: Matej Hudovernik

Frequented Tourists’ Questions about Eritrea

What does seem as proper, sagacious idea to share with Eritreans during my stay in the Country? 

Eritreans are free of any segregating ideologies, or to be exact, there is no any sign of xenophobia. Therefore, don’t cage yourself in trimming words, or else it is not necessary to amplify your stress you have about other countries by thinking as similar condition would prevail in Eritrea. Of course, Eritreans do not feel good by the time they hear anyone who would underestimate their country. Therefore, remember to equip yourself as a visitor who is free of such skewed concepts. Hence, just share your ideas on peace, development, sport, culture and art. And, apparently, Eritreans are there to accord you warmly within their incredible hospitability yards, peaceful manner and genuine social interaction.

In addition to this, are there any precautions that I have to pay my due glance thereby to assure that my stay in the country would be great and exotic?

Indeed! Agree on the fare of taxis before you get rewarded with high prices. Negotiation is optional. In addition to this, for it is illegal and is part of unacceptable felony to exchange money on the streets, ensure to pace into legal exchange bureaus and banks. Meanwhile, to avoid misguiding information about travelling outside Asmara, get yourself into Information Office of the Ministry of Tourism at Harnet Avenue near Asmara Sweet Café. Similarly, present your inquiries into legally registered travel agencies and rental houses for having your own safe and leased car rental permission.   It is even great and helpful to gather personal cell number of people who you trusted heartedly.

And is that culturally supported and is it part of an exciting lifestyle to bribe or tipping others which is, undoubtedly, common in rest African Countries?

Bribing is meant dangling yourself in a nation of thousand patriots who paid their life for freeing the country from the yoke of primitive Ethiopian colonialism. Different from this, tipping, without exaggerated sum of money, is acceptable. In cafes, for instance, tipping one or two nakfa after having your cappuccino is acceptable; but it is not mandatory. Tipping in governmental Offices and other facilitations centers is, however, a reason for skewed comprehensions and breeds unnecessary emotions.

In my country, there are many immigrated Eritreans, and, to refer them unquestionably, they are known for their habitual norms of visiting each others’ home. Therefore, to share their world, do I need to take any gifts?

You needn’t to oppress your mind to think about that obsessively. Eritreans, of course, feel a little bit embarrassing arriving at someone’s home empty-handed. But fortunate enough, the gifts which are heartedly normalized among Eritreans are neither expensively classy nor sophisticated as those which are easily adapted in Arab and Nordic States. For having the admiration of the kids, remember that like all children the Eritrean kids also like sweets. When you visit friends, some pastry, a small cake, coffee beans, sugar, tea, himbasha, or fruits will be a nice gift. Asking before having your gifts about what they did really like is, in fact, an open insult. So, avoid it. But tactically, you can know their deep ambition.

And as part of my touring package inside the country, can I recruit my own preferred tour guide. If not, then what options are simply encouraging?

There are a very few travel agencies which are adequately effective in having professional tour guides who are well expertise in historical profiles, cultural legacies and other exotic touring benefits. But this is not a reasonable obstruction for there are very co-operative nationals across the country. As additional factor, however, remember that you are responsible for covering meals and transport costs by the time you hired a tour guide. Abandoning the tour guide to pay all his expenditures that he made with you from his own pocket is a vehemently frustrating experience. Taking books on Eritrea’s attractions has also well rated role in halving such touring entanglements or losing remarkable elucidations because of non-proficiency in languages.


Profoundly, I would like to have my own individual house. Therefore, is renting price rampant as London or Dakar, or else, it is affordable as it is common in Helsinki?

Your own specifications determine how much you are going to pay. Apparently, details like demanding your home to be barbed with electric or safety wires, or else to ensure the installation of other security and surveillance camera is just a sheer hallucination. The country is among the few safest places in the world. By the way, whether you need a well furnished house, and are you going to stay for a long period or not, is what determine the rental prices which are commonly ranged from 100-1000 dollars.

My friends who visited Eritrea ushered me that this is a perfect destination for every tourist. However, I am enthusiastic to know if there are emblematical wording differences?

Indeed! Just is not just among Eritreans. By the time he/she told you that he/she is in Asmara Sweet Café, for instance, expect him/her that she may use to refer it as reference point. But in fact, he can be in surrounding areas. And other way, intensifying various questions is not well adapted. Amid your courses of exchanging your views, till it is not with the right professional or the respective person who is well trained in that field, triggering layman to give you detailed information is not verifiably encouraged and effective.

And what are the lard words that I have to note down?

The country has great memories and dreams. War and its impacts is one of that. Therefore, Eritrea has much more dream to educate itself with colors and brushes in its still powerful role thereby to substitute negative impacts of war and such similar destructions. The citizens are dreaming about peace. Hence, remember their pain to bring peace. Indeed, your visit to the country expect to be part of declaring that it is time to share our memories with the international community.

Yes, a tourist—with his various inexpressible objectives—expect to arrive with his own role in claiming and acting that peace is the only way for creating the harmony circle in which all the world shall run with pacifism in its mind and flower in its hand. Just as title of one Eritrean artist sculpture reflects, make sure that you are arriving to Eritrea, an East African country, for firing the bullets of music and life, but not war.

By Editorial Team

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