• M Geee

    We believe in our beloved president of Eritrea, Isaias Afewerki. He is God. He is Jesus. He is Lord. He is Allah.

    These people coming up report against Eritrea are lairs. We have the best human right in Eritrea than any country in the world. We have the best health care. we have feed education.

    We Eritrean did not even kill any Ethiopian personal of War. We respect those Ethiopians their right. How are you telling the Eritrean Government violated its own people right?

    Please don’t worry. We Eritrean people have the best Government. We are proud what our Government doing.

    • Kalihari Snake

      M Geee was just released from spending 18 months in a Massawa container and is suffering post-traumatic stress coupled with leftover effects from the Stockholm syndrome.

      • FK_GOD

        Don’t worry….how many white ass have you clean today; You work at home care, right?. Barbarian people like you are the problem .

        • Kalihari Snake

          FK_GOD alias JOEL OEL at work

    • Stefanos Temolso

      The lier is M.Gee because God is God and Isayas is a brutal dictator who opresses his people. You are the cheapest and the most foolhardy person I ever saw writing a comment. Eritrea killed the first prisoners of war in Badme. The regime kills thousands every year. But M,Gee may be living in Europe and travels to Eritrea once a year and claim everything is OK. Wake up brother! It is time the secrets of your brutal regime is disclosed.

      • FK_GOD

        You are Agame. Agame never appreciate the good hand the Eritrean did for them. Agame always lie. Agame always don’t know what they want. You don’t even know if you want to be part of Ethiopia or separated from Ethiopian. You are nothing but Agame son.

        You know better. Eritrean never killed one PWO, never. Your leader did not even told you how many of your soldiers die. Derg never told you how many troops die. In Ethiopia, no family received death notice. TPLF never counted their dead. Maybe you need to think again. Shabia is very civilized. We educate and free the PWO. We give them choice where they want to go. Never killed a PWO NEver.

        By the way, we count our dead and your dead.

        How many of your Agame die to free Tigrai? You don’t know. Why? Because TPLF(Weyane) did not count them.

        SO fuck you agame and Amhara. Look what you put us through all these years fighting us. Fuck you again. Go to hell.

        • Eritrea Real Deal

          FK-GOD, JOEL OEL, etc. You are a real Dip shit. Do you not know that agame historically come from both parts of Tigray and Eritrea. You fart the word agame often and that is why your breath smells like shit.

        • Kalihari Snake

          FK_GOD, Cane Libero, JOEL OEL, wedinakfa, etc…why do you fake cowards not just stay on Modote so you convince each other how brave and supportive you are of the PIA/PFDJ regime while you live comfortably outside of Eritrea. Pathetic.

        • Kalihari Snake

          FK_GOD is an AGAME
          member of the Tigray People’s Democratic Movement (TPDM, known by its Tigrinya acronym
          De.M.H.T.) for which Isaias and
          the PFDJ are using in Asmara these days to collect Eritrean youth for national
          service. Ethiopia continues to occupy Badme while trashes like JOEL OEL
          cheer-lead from the USA. Truly pathetic.

        • Stefanos Temelso


    • Kalihari Snake

      FK_GOD…..you are an agame…get out of this room agame..

  • Stefanos Temolso

    Mr beyene Russom is not a diplomat but a person who was a foot doctor and later worked as a spy. After independence he was assigned as an ambassador in Kenya, but later the people complained and he was ordered to pack and come to Asmara which he did. In 202 he had a martial problem with his wife and he wanted the custody of his children. So as to achieve this he fabricated a lie against her and his brother in law Ermias debesai aka Papayo and they were imprisoned. They are still rotting in prison. Is Beyene claiming they are not in prison for the last theirteen years? This a glaring fact anyone in Eritrea knows, but he is telling the world a white lie in the hope his secret will not be disclosed. He is simply trying to lick the ass of the dictator so as not to loose his post. The ambasadors of the regime are now competening to show who is the biggest lier, Ruth Simos, Yared, Beyene etc. I will give them 100%.