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Eritrean boy’s story too much to bear

One of the UK’s biggest papers, The Daily Mail, featured on Friday the headline ‘No mama, no papa. All alone': The 11-year-old Eritrean boy who has left his family behind to join thousands of migrants heading to Lampedusa.

The Daily Mail wrote, “The smile on 11-year-old Tanjin’s face as he plays football on the tiny island of Lampedusa hides the life-threatening journey he took to get there.

He is one of 2,000 asylum seekers to land on Italy’s southern port since last weekend – having risked their lives crossing the rough Mediterranean waters on smuggling boats.

The Eritrean boy left his family behind and if he is sent back too, he faces being conscripted into the country’s military. For that reason, the boy is likely to remain in Europe where he will continue his education.”

If the boy is really Eritrean, we have to ask why, why is this happening, when will it stop and what is needed to make it stop.

The boy’s story is totally unacceptable and more than we can bear as a society. It just shouldn’t be part of modern-day Eritrea.

Especially, in light of the recent HSBC revelations about a single client connected to Eritrea stashing away $695.2 million, the young man’s story sounds like pouring scorn on the people of Eritrea.


We need and expect answers and statements from our Government addressing all this questions – the least we can ask for are answers. Our culture taught us to ask, and it shall be given, to seek and we shall find, to knock and it shall be opened.

“..For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.”, Matthew 7:7-8.

Eritrea boy

By Editorial Team

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